Mining Industry

Why Mining?

The mining industry employees over 226,000 workers where 86% are male. Toolbox Talks is a prevention program aimed at raising awareness of domestic and family violence. It aims to harness the power of good men and encourage men to speak up if they identify or suspect violence is occurring.

Program Value

The Toolbox Talks program aims to empower men to actively participate in the elimination of violence against women and children. Increasing awareness about the different ways that violence can occur within a relationship, and the far-reaching impacts of domestic violence, the program provides men with the tools to find their voice, and safely speak up when sexist and derogatory behaviours are identified.

There are 5 key objectives of the program:

1. Domestic violence is more than physical violence

  • Explore the impacts of violence on women and children

2. Domestic violence is gendered violence

  • Explore the drivers of domestic violence

3. Reflect on societal influences such as media

  • Use of digital media to explore violent behaviours

4. Empower men with tools to speak up in a safe way

  • Referral pathways to appropriate services

5. Educate the entire workplace to increase supports at work

  • Speak up when sexist or derogatory comments are made

The Workplace Domestic Violence Awareness Program is offered in three formats:

  • Tollbox Talk
  • Training/induction
  • Management Training

Toolbox Talk

This session is designed for the workers to raise awareness about what DV is, and how they can start the conversation in addressing the causal factors influencing violence against women. The session will be casual with information and opportunities for short discussions. The aim of this session is to plant the seed that DV is everyone’s issue and that we all need to be aware of the signs of DV to ultimately protect women and children.


This session, like the Toolbox Talk is aimed at the workers on crew, however, allows more opportunity for discussion. This can be helpful in reinforcing the negative impacts of DV and that although not all men are violent, all men are needed in the prevention of DV.

Management Training

This training is intended for all managers and staff including Human Resources and Diversity Committees and other relevant people. This session will be focussed on learning about DV, as well as practical strategies on how they can support their workers if, or when DV is occurring.

Resources including brochures, posters and fliers will be provided to be displayed onsite and follow up contact/support is available to Management/Staff if required.

Program Options

We are currently recruiting mining companies to be involved in the program. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

About us

Singleton Family Support Services is a not-for-profit free service for families  that has been operating in the Singleton area for over 20 years. Toolbox Talks for the Mining Industry is delivered by Singleton Family Support Service. More information about Singleton Family Support Service is available at their website -

Toolbox Talks