Construction Industry

Why Construction?

The construction industry employs more than 1.1 million workers where 88% are male. Toolbox Talks is a prevention program aimed at raising awareness of domestic and family violence. It aims to harness the power of good men and encourage men to speak up if they identify or suspect violence is occurring.

Program Value

The underlying value of the Toolbox Talks program is to harness the power of good men. The program is respectful of the fact that most men are good men and is designed to raise awareness that domestic violence is a real social issue with far-reaching impact; it aims to assist men in identifying and responding to domestic violence in a safe way.

There are 4 key objectives of the program:

1. Harness the Power of Good Men

  • Challenge men’s roles in addressing violence against women
  • Provide men with an alternative option and conversation to have around violence
  • Offer referrals to support services

2. Prompt Leaders to recognise the problem

  • Shift attitudes and culture in male dominated industries to stand up to violence against women

3. Address “None of my Business’ mentality

  • Empower men with practical solutions to respond appropriately to domestic and family violence

4. Increase Community Awareness

  • Explore the typologies of domestic violence
  • Highlight the impacts of domestic violence on women and children

The Program is offered in two formats:

  • Training/induction
  • Management Training

Toolbox Talks Training

The Toolbox Talks Training is aimed at all levels, while allowing time for the viewing of short films and the opportunity to unpack and discuss actual domestic violence scenarios. It also offers practical solutions on how men can respond to domestic violence and provides referral information on where help and advice can be sought.

Management Training

The Management Training is intended for all managers, including Human Resources and Diversity Committees, Developers and Builders, Project Managers, Site Managers, Team Leaders and Educational Institutions. This training offers a deeper understanding of the subject matter and is designed to equip staff with knowledge on the coercive and controlling behaviours of perpetrators of violence. The session allows for robust discussions that may aide in the development and implementation of a workplace domestic violence policy. It also offers practical strategies on how to lead a team to stand up against gendered violence and how to have conversations with workers in a supportive manner, if or when domestic violence may be occurring.


If your construction business is interested in participating in the Toolbox Talks program, please contact us.

About Us

Sutherland Shire Family Services (SSFS) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting families impacted by domestic violence for 30 years. SSFS is known for their expertise in providing high quality domestic violence support services. A wraparound service for families is offered, starting at the entry point of groups through to casework and therapeutic work, in addition to providing classroom education in schools and industry.

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